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Same Day Dental Emergencies

If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Plano right now and need to see a dentist, please call our office at 972-424-8591 right away. We offer same-day emergency appointments and will do our best to get you in as soon as possible. In addition to same-day appointments our team offers dental financing in the form of:

  • Accept Most Dental Insurance
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Dental Financing

For a caring, compassionate and gentle emergency dentist in Plano, contact Plano Gentle Dental and let us help get you out of pain.

Broken, Chipped, Lost Tooth

Do you live in the Plano area and not know what to in the case of a knocked out tooth or other emergency dental procedure? Well here are some helpful resources to keep on hand in case you ever run into a dental emergency of your own. Accidents happen at all ages, and even more so when you or your children live an active lifestyle. It’s good to know what to do in an emergency situation to save a tooth when possible or get the proper treatment when necessary. Putting off dental treatment in the case of an emergency, can result in the loss of a tooth or multiple teeth, cause you more pain in the long run and can be even more costly. Dr. Jain of Plano Gentle Dental has prepared some helpful resources below to help you out in such a situation.

*IF YOU HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY, please dial 911 or get to the nearest emergency room.

What to Do for a Knocked out Tooth:

Step 1: Find the tooth if possible, making sure to handle it by the crown and NOT the root. If you are unsure about which part is which, please see the illustration below.

Tooth Anatomy

Step 2: Rinse the tooth off with water only. DO NOT clean or scrub the tooth at will any kind of soap or cleaning solution.

Step 3: Inspect the tooth for any kind of breaks or fractures. If the tooth looks to be in good shape, you can carefully re-position the tooth back into the socket immediately. The less time the tooth spends out of the mouth or out in the open, the greater the odds the tooth will survive. Once positioned into place you can gently bite down on a clean cloth or gauze pad or hold it in place with your fingers.

Alternatively: If you are unsure about placing the tooth back into the socket, or worried about the tooth being cracked, you can try to preserve the tooth by placing it between the cheek and gums or in an emergency tooth preservation kit (such as a Save-a-Tooth®). Below are the recommended methods for preserving a tooth outside of the mouth:

  • Emergency Tooth Preservation Kit
  • In milk ( in a little cup will do)
  • Do NOT use plain water as the root surface cells can die in plain water

Make sure to keep the tooth moist at all times and make an appointment with your dentist or endodontist immediately!

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What to Do with a Chipped Tooth:

When considering a chipped or fractured tooth, time is critical. Contact your dentist immediately so as to reduce the chance of infection or the need to for extra dental procedures or treatments in the future. Be sure to rinse the mouth with water and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. If you can find the broken or fractured tooth pieces, bring them with you to the dentist.

Hopefully, these resources can help you out in a pinch! And as always, please feel free to contact Dr. Jain with any questions.

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